School Manager

Manager's Message

At Cambridge School Srinivaspuri, we value the potency of collaboration and mutual support. Throughout my 45 years of involvement in the education sector, I have learned that a school community should actively seek knowledge by embracing the challenges and triumphs that it encounters.

Our committed faculty is dedicated to cultivating each student’s potential for holistic development beyond academics. We urge parents and guardians to participate actively as their involvement is vital for our school community’s overall success.

We integrate innovative programmes aimed at fostering creativity, critical thinking, and digital literacy. Our teachers undergo specialized training to implement these strategies effectively so that students are equipped with skills that extend beyond traditional academics.

Moreover, we strive continuously to upgrade our infrastructure to create a dynamic learning environment. From cutting-edge laboratories to interactive classrooms, these enhancements reflect our commitment towards providing students with best educational resources for their journey ahead.

Veena Sirohi, Manager
Cambridge School Srinivaspuri

Our country has no dearth of talent. But we still have much work to do in nurturing the demographic dividend we are fortunate to possess. As a reputed institution which has groomed young generations over the past 9 decades, we are experienced in the challenges, and can even bask in some pride.