Sports & Games

Sports & Games

With extensive playing fields and courts, the school provides children with opportunities to enjoy a variety of sports that inculcate sportsmanship, team spirit and healthy competition for the all-round development of a child.

Sports & Games

With its extensive playing fields and courts, the school provides children opportunities to enjoy a variety of sports that inculcate sportsmanship, team spirit and healthy competition for all round development of a child. These facilities include Tennis, Cricket, Football, Basketball, table Tennis, Badminton, Taekwondo, Volleyball, etc. Opportunities are provided by organizing Inter Section and Inter School matches for different games.

Participating in athletic endeavours and competitive games confers many benefits that can positively impact physical, mental, and social development.

Sports activities instill discipline and time management skills as students must learn to balance their scholastic commitments with practice schedules, games, and other obligations. Team athletics emphasize the importance of working collaboratively towards a shared objective. Students develop cooperative abilities while honing their communication skills and interpersonal acumen. These lessons are instrumental in fostering leadership qualities such as decision-making, problem-solving and motivational expertise – all transferable to academic studies or personal pursuits.

Sports also provide an opportunity for forging new friendships that often last beyond school years. Such activities can help cultivate laudable character traits like sportsmanship, integrity and resilience. Students become adept at handling both triumphs and setbacks with grace and humility.

At Cambridge Schools, sports activities are spearheaded by a dedicated Manager within the Society for the Advancement of Education. This has facilitated seamless integration across all Cambridge schools, resulting in greater opportunities for students along with enhanced quality programme delivery.


The School has the facility of two Indoor Badminton Courts. Mr. Harinder Choudhary is the overall supervisor and the Badminton coach. Our students enthusiastically participate in the Zonals and Inter School Competitions.


The school has a vast open ground and the marked area of the Football court is 100 x 50 metres. Mr. Gourav Patra is an efficient Football coach who is a recipient of the Best Sports Teacher Award in Zone 25 by the Directorate of Education.

Table Tennis

The school has two tables and kits for Indoor Table Tennis practice supervised by Mr. Harinder Choudhary. 


There are two cemented and two clay pitches in a 100 x 50-metre area for Cricket. Mr. Anil Kumar gives professional training to students.


There is one cemented court for Basketball in the playground. Mr. Vikrant Panchal is the coach to train the students. 


There is a separate Throwball Court as well and the participants are gearing up for the Zonals under the assistance of Mr. Vikrant Panchal. These are scheduled to be held in October.


One of the remarkable features of the school’s infrastructure is the Clay Tennis Court at the main entrance. 

Ultimate Frisbee

The marked area for Ultimate Frisbee is 100 x 50 metres. Students are trained by Mr. Mohit Rawat, a UPAI Level 1 certified coach. 


There is a 200-metre track to practice athletics in school. Mr. Nitin Pal Singha, a national-level participant himself, trains the students. Latisha of IX F was honoured as the best athlete in the U-14 Girls’ Group for her brilliant performance in the 100m relay race at the Delhi State School Games 2022-23 organised by the Directorate of Education, Govt. of NCT of Delhi.


The field for Kho-Kho is also marked separately. Mr. Nitin Pal Singha trains the students.