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In Cambridge School Srinivaspuri, We attend to the varied behavioural and emotional needs of students across all classes. The psychosocial concerns addressed by us include exam anxiety, time management, bullying, social anxiety and inter/intrapersonal relationship conflicts. To promote holistic development among students, tailored counselling techniques are employed to meet each student’s unique contextual requirements. For primary students, we provide positive reinforcement, acceptance and acknowledgement, psychoeducation, and directive counselling. For middle and senior students, journaling, and gratitude exercises are incorporated to challenge negative thoughts. 


Certain complex issues such as substance abuse education and personal hygiene require expert guidance from professionals like Ms. Namita Bhura, the Founder of Sachhi Saheli and Dr. Inderjeet Singh, a Rehabilitation Psychologist. We collaborate with such experts from time to time to navigate these concerns competently. 

In addition to individualized support services offered by us, there also exists socio-emotional learning classes (SEL) designed around common day-to-day concerns including time management, bullying prevention strategies, procrastination reduction techniques, body image awareness programs etc.

Furthermore, the school houses a special educator responsible for identifying neurodivergent learners whose integration into regular classrooms is aided via remedial classes conducted under her supervision.

Shipra Verma and Ishita Panchal (Counselors)

Gitanshi Bhalla (Special Educator)

Our country has no dearth of talent. But we still have much work to do in nurturing the demographic dividend we are fortunate to possess. As a reputed institution which has groomed young generations over the past 9 decades, we are experienced in the challenges, and can even bask in some pride.

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