Managing Committee


Secretary's Welcome

Welcoming you to the school’s website, the motto of our school “We learn to Serve” was the principle that Mr Deb lived by.

Sharing a thought:

When we walk into the sunset,
Let it not be said,
We lived only for ourselves,
And what is our own.

Committee Members

Mr. Arun MathurChairman
Mr.Vikram RoyManager
Dr. Kalyani RoySecretary, SAE
Dr. Aparna D. SeebaluckPrincipal & Secretary, School Management Committee
Mr. Niraj DavarMember
Mrs. Anu Behl RoyMember
Mr. Sushil RamolaMember
Dr. Tripti DesaiMember
Ms. Dipika AndlayMember
Mr. U. S. DuttMember
Mr. Pradeep SenMember
Ms. Sadhana MittalMember
Mr. Harvinder Singh BhatiaParent’s Representative
Mr. Vinod Kumar TomarDOE Nominee
Mr. Narendra Kumar Singh DOE Nominee
Ms. Alka SethiAdvisory Board Nominee
Mr. Brijesh Kumar SharmaAdvisory Board Nominee
Mrs. Rachna SethiTeachers’ Representative
Mrs. RukmaniTeachers’ Representative